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Peter D. Brosse, Chair

Our Intellectual Property practice group assists a wide variety of individual and business clients to identify, protect, profit from and enforce their intellectual property assets, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. We are experienced in numerous areas of intellectual property protection, including:

– identifying valuable inventions, trademarks and creative works created by clients;

– researching the availability of selected trademarks;

– filing state and federal applications to obtain registration of such trademarks and copyrights;

– providing assistance in the licensing, selling, marketing or other commercial use of such trademarks and copyrights; and

– engaging in negotiation and litigation relating to protecting such patents, trademarks and copyrights from infringement by third parties.

We also provide guidance to clients on various aspects of protecting trade secrets, including the creation of nondisclosure and transfer agreements and negotiation and litigation to protect the unauthorized disclosure of valuable trade secrets of our clients.

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