Our Energy Law Group Has Extensive Experience in Nearly All Areas of Oil and Gas Law

The Utica/Marcellus shale basin has led to the rapid growth of an oil and gas industry in Ohio. Our Energy Law Group has extensive experience in nearly all areas of oil and gas law, with specific expertise in representing service companies. In addition, we also have experience in representing landowners, drilling companies, lenders, and operating companies. Our attorneys regularly teach courses in the areas of oil and gas contracting domestically and internationally.

Specific areas of experience in the practice of oil and gas law include:

• Master Service Agreements and other service company contracts;
• Remedies and collection strategies for service companies;
• Granting Instruments, leases, and right-of-way agreements;
• Operating, exploration, and area of mutual interest agreements;
• Royalty disputes;
• Purchase and Sale Agreements; and
• Gas Sales Agreements.

Electricity and Natural Gas Law Practice

Electricity is a unique commodity because it must be generated and consumed almost simultaneously. There is presently no cost-effective way to store electricity in large quantities.

As a result of these constraints imposed by the laws of physics, issues arise in energy law that are as unique as they are complex. Companies and institutions with in-housel counsel well versed in a variety of legal issues are often unequipped to tackle energy transactions and disputes.

Our Energy Group has significant knowledge and experience, with expertise ranging from power procurement and sales, real estate and land use, business and corporate finance, intellectual property, litigation, government relations and public policy, and regulatory matters and tax, including incentives and credits. Our attorneys can help companies that outsource all of their legal work, or fill the gap for companies when their in-house counsel needs additional support in these highly technical areas.

Our experienced business attorneys will guide your company through issues of finance, corporate formation, governmental and tax incentives, real estate, construction and litigation. Coupled with our wide scope of green & sustainability law experience, we regularly counsel our clients in:

  • Project development, promotion, siting, permitting, acquisition and financing of renewable energy facilities and projects;
  • Litigation before courts, agencies or commissions relating to electricity;
  • Assessing tax issues, including tax credits, tax abatements and choice of business structure to optimize tax benefits;
  • Negotiating and drafting electric generation, natural gas, and demand response agreements;
  • Negotiating and drafting Energy Service Company (ESCO) contracts; and
  • Drafting Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for businesses and institutions for energy consulting services, brokerage services, and power purchases.

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