Security Breaches Happen to Businesses of All Sizes. Our Cybersecurity Attorneys Can Counsel You With The Right Approach.

Not just large corporations have data breaches; any business that collects data and/or uses the Internet in connection with its business faces the serious threat of a data breach. Even a small breach can have a significant negative impact on a business. The cost of the breach itself, as well as the cost to respond to one, can be catastrophic to a company’s finances and reputation. Meyers Roman’s Cybersecurity attorneys counsel large and small business entities in the manufacturing and service industries on data management and retention and data and network security and privacy matters. Our attorneys tailor solutions and identify gaps to achieve cybersecurity in a cost-effective manner. Should a breach occur, we help clients with crisis response and litigation defense.

At Meyers Roman, we believe that a proactive approach is far superior to a reactionary response. We perform comprehensive, client-specific cyber audits to identify vulnerabilities and then develop and implement proactive privacy and data policies and procedures pertaining to trade secrets and other proprietary company information, as well as personally identifiable information (PII) of customers and employees (such as credit card, medical, educational, financial and employment information). Businesses have to worry not only about security within their own organization but also security policies and procedures of their vendors. We draft privacy and data security agreements with vendors, affiliates, customers and employees. We counsel clients on compliance with all US federal and state privacy and information management requirements, including HIPAA/HITECH compliance and enforcement, as well as provide support during regulatory investigations.

In addition to assisting clients with security breach deterrence and response, we provide assistance with cybersecurity litigation prosecution and defense. Our highly experienced team of litigators has a proven track record in securing favorable verdicts for both plaintiffs and defendants. We draw on our specialized technical and business expertise and the firm’s multidisciplinary approach to better represent clients in all aspects of cybersecurity.

Representative Services

  • Data protection, retention and privacy
  • Privacy and security cyber audits
  • Privacy and data policies, procedures and employee training
  • Security breach deterrence, response and litigation defense
  • State medical privacy laws
  • Compliance with International, US federal and state laws
  • Privacy and data security vendor and other contracts
  • Employee training

Representative Matters

  • Represented dentist after computer system was compromised and hacked, provided notice and worked with client to ensure no liability incurred.
  • Counseled digital marketing company on HIPAA and HITECH guidelines as well as business associates’ obligations in connection with health care marketing programs.
  • Counseled health care marketing company on privacy issues in Canada.
  • Counseled manufacturer on employee policies involving company-owned devices and employee-owned devises used in the business.

Your business needs are unique. Your legal approach should be too. Contact our Cybersecurity group for a tailored approach that best meets your objectives.

Our Cybersecurity Attorneys