Divorce & Family Law Group

Barbara K. Roman, Chair

Divorce & Family Law: Get the Best Outcome from a Difficult Situation

The break-up of a family impacts every aspect of your life: children, business, family assets and retirement. Our attorney’s broad legal experience will help you arrive at the best possible outcome in an otherwise difficult situation.

Over 25 Years of Family Law Experience

Barbara K. Roman, the Chair of the Divorce & Family Law Practice Group, brings over 25 years of experience to the assessment and resolution of cases. Where appropriate, mediation and collaborative law empower the parties to create meaningful win-win solutions while protecting their children, businesses and assets.

Advocates for Positive Outcomes

Whether the choice is traditional litigation or an alternative to the adversarial atmosphere of court proceedings, Barbara and her team strongly advocate for a positive outcome for the client while keeping important family relationships intact.

• Divorce & Dissolution
• Division of Property
• Spousal & Child Support
• Parental Rights & Responsibilities (Child Custody)
• Domestic Violence
• Post Decree
• Parental Relocation
• Pre-nuptial Agreements

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