VIDEO: The Coming Wave of Coronavirus Lawsuits: How to Stay Out of Court

COVID-19 concerns have come in waves for many businesses. The first wave was protecting the health and safety of employees and others; the second was ensuring compliance with myriad laws impacted by, and created to address, COVID-19; and the third wave, which is just starting to form and will crest over the coming months, is litigation over these various compliance obligations.

With every legal obligation comes the consequence of noncompliance-litigation. Individuals will not be shy about filing lawsuits, especially when so many are unemployed and have little to lose (and a lot to gain) by suing.

In this video, managing partner and Labor & Employment practice group chair Seth Briskin, and Partner Jon Hyman, present with Frank Spinelli, Director, Affinity Groups and Emerging Markets at the Oswald Companies.