Overview of the Affordable Care Act

Part 1: John Friend

Part 2: Mario Fazio – Large Employer Mandate

Part 3: John Friend

Part 4: John Bonfiglio and Michael Stefanek – Tax Aspects of the ACA

Part 5: John Friend

Full Presentation

The Affordable Care Act (ACA): Can You Afford Costly Mistakes? Strategies, Tactics and Requirements For The ACA.
Learn specific strategies for navigating the uncharted waters of the new Obamacare mandates and the possible impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on your business. Our distinguished panel of experts includes John Friend, Senior VP of the Employee Benefits Division of The Fedeli Group; Mario Fazio, Tax Attorney with Meyers Roman Friedberg & Lewis; and John Bonfiglio, CPA, CVA and Michael Stefanek, CPA, of BSB Partners CPA’s & Business Advisors. They will provide insight on what you can do to manage your employee healthcare costs and how you may be able to benefit from the changes.