Avoiding the Ten Killer Contract Clauses

Negotiating a new contract. There are always clauses, some that look innocent others that are on their face horrible, that are out to get you. Seldom is a contract offered by a GC a fair an balanced contract. Listen to this webinar to learn about some of the worst clauses, what they mean to you and how to negotiate them away so you have a reasonable contract.

In this video by Russell O’Rourke, learn about “Best Practices,” and contract clauses including: Pay-if-Paid; Retainage; Change Orders; Prospective Lien Waivers; Arbitration and Dispute Resolution; Indemnification; Flow-Down / Incorpiration by Reference; Expanding Scope of Work; No Damages for Delay; Accepting Final Payment; Non-Compete Agreements (even with your existing customers); Personal Liability for Corporate Default; and Schedule / Sequencing.

NOTE: This video is not currently enabled with closed captioning.