Builders Exchange Killer Contract Clause Webinar Series: Avoiding The 10 Killer Contract Clauses

You are negotiating a new construction subcontract. There are always clauses you question. Some look innocent, others you believe are non-negotiable, others are just horrible–Killer Contract Clauses–that are out to get you. Seldom is a general contractor’s contract form fair and balanced contract. Why would it be? It was written by his or her lawyer to protect the contractor, not you. It has every bad clause in it the lawyer could think of to protect the contractor, but with the purpose of being negotiable.

Watch to this webinar to learn about some of the worst clauses, what they mean to you and how to negotiate them away so you have a reasonable contract.

Learn about “Best Practices,” and contract clauses including: Pay-if-Paid; Retainage; Change Orders; No Liens; Arbitration; Indemnification; Flow-Down; the Expanding Scope of Work; No Damages for Delay; Waiver of Claims by accepting Final Payment; Non-Compete Agreements (even with your existing customers); Personal Liability for Corporate Default; and Uncompensated Schedule / Sequencing Changes.

NOTE: This video is not currently enabled with closed captioning.