Data Breach Horror Stories (And What We Can Learn From Them)
Watch our own David Croft give a talk at DisruptHR Cleveland 9.0 – Data Breach Horror Stories (And What We Can Learn From Them)

Blockchain Does (or Will) Affect Your Business
The emerging Blockchain technology is a potential game-changer for businesses. Watch David Croft, Chair of our Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Practice Group, discuss the history and uses of Blockchain and cryptocurrency, tokenized security offerings, government regulation, smart contracts and ‘mining.’ You will learn critical information on ways you can use this technology for raising capital, supporting supply chain and logistics, IoT, as well as cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity 102 Webinar
In this webinar presented by our partners, Peter Brosse, Jon Hyman and David Croft, along with Lorri Slesh of Ahola Human Capital Management, we discuss managing cybersecurity risk, look at a cybersecurity fact pattern, and conclude with a panel discussion.

Breaking Up Can Be Hard to Do
Watch panelists Barbara Roman, Michelle Taylor, and Barbara Feinberg, provide their insight on how to navigate through the legal, financial and emotional decisions one faces when deciding whether or not to divorce.

Think Before You Click! Managing Workplace Social Media.
Jon Hyman, Partner in the Labor & Employment Group at Meyers, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis, will help you and your business understand the evolving medium of social media and the legal risks it presents through your employees. What you can search. When can you hold employees accountable? How do existing laws regulate these activities?

Cybersecurity 101 Webinar
In this webinar presented by our partners, Peter Brosse, Jon Hyman and David Croft, along with Michael Paull of Ahola Human Capital Management, we discuss why cybersecurity is important to business owners, look at a cybersecurity fact pattern, and conclude with a panel discussion.

Estate Planning for Families With Special Needs and Substance Abuse Beneficiaries
The growing epidemic of addiction is changing the landscape of many of our client’s estate plans, necessitating a complex and often confusing process for protecting their heirs. At the same time, there has been a significant increase in both special needs diagnoses and awareness. In this video, Gina Ciani, Chair of our Estate Planning practice group, will discuss the legal complexities of planning for these unique beneficiaries and the critical plans you need to put in place to protect your loved ones.

Tax Reform: Planning for 2018 and Beyond
Please join our Tax Partner, Mario J. Fazio, in this one hour video on the highlights of the Tax Act and planning ideas for businesses to substantially lower taxes for 2018 and beyond.

Employee Background Checks – What Contractors Need to Know
In this video Jon Hyman talks about the legal way to hire employees. Learn about background checks and what contractors need to know.

Contract Negotiation Tips: No Lien Clauses and Specific Lien Waiver Forms
You want to be sure that you are paid for your work on ALL of your jobs. Mechanic’s Liens and Bond Claims or even the RIGHT to file a Mechanic’s Lien or Bond Claim can make sure that you do get paid, but Lien waivers and Pay-if-Paid clauses can get in your way. In this video, our Construction Law Chair Russell O’Rourke answers your questions.

Building A Wall Around Your Business’ Trade Secrets
In this video listen to Peter Turner, Managing Partner and Chair of our Litigation practice group, and Ron Friedberg, Partner and Litigator, discuss what types of information and documents constitute trade secrets, federal and state laws governing the protection of trade secrets, and practical procedures and processes for protecting the confidentiality and non-disclosure of your business’ trade secrets.

Builders Exchange Killer Contract Clause Webinar Series: Avoiding The 10 Killer Contract Clauses
When negotiating a new construction subcontract, there are always clauses you question. Some look innocent, others you believe are non-negotiable, others are just horrible–Killer Contract Clauses–that are out to get you. Seldom is a general contractor’s contract form fair and balanced contract. Why would it be? It was written by his or her lawyer to protect the contractor, not you. It has many clauses meant to protect the contractor, but with the purpose of being negotiable. Watch this webinar to learn about some of the worst clauses, what they mean to you and how to negotiate them away so you have a reasonable contract.

Year-end Legal Audit: Helpful Tips Put Into Practice
As 2016 draws to a close, now is the time to think seriously about year-end legal housekeeping, including tax planning and employment-related issues, and put those plans into action. The Meyers, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis Business Practice Group panelists will guide you through, and distribute a revamped version of our “Year-End Legal Audit.” In addition to giving you tools to inspect the foundation of your “legal house,” we will introduce a number of year-end tax strategies for individuals and businesses that may significantly improve your “bottom line .” Also new this year will be a discussion on identifying and protecting your business’ intellectual property and how best to address cyber security concerns.

The Department of Labor’s Wage & Hour Rule Changes – Are you Ready?
Employers, mark your calendars. On December 1, 2016, the minimum salary threshold for the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) white-collar exemptions increases to an annual $47,476. This more-than doubling of the salary test is the biggest change to the FLSA in decades, and will add an approximate 4.2 million employees to the ranks of the non-exempt, to whom you must pay overtime if they work more than 40 hours in a week.

Five Biggest Mistakes Employers Make Handling Workers’ Compensation Claims
Speaker Steven Dlott, Partner, Meyer, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis spoke to members of the Western Reserve Safety Council on how to avoid mistakes that can cause your claim to be denied, to delay your receipt of benefits, or enable the insurance company to stop paying benefits.

Avoiding the Ten Killer Contract Clauses
Negotiating a new contract. There are always clauses, some that look innocent others that are on their face horrible, that are out to get you. Seldom is a contract offered by a GC a fair an balanced contract. Listen to this webinar to learn about some of the worst clauses, what they mean to you and how to negotiate them away so you have a reasonable contract. In this video by Russell O’Rourke, learn about “Best Practices,” and contract clauses including: Pay-if-Paid; Retainage; Change Orders; Prospective Lien Waivers; Arbitration and Dispute Resolution; Indemnification; Flow-Down / Incorpiration by Reference; Expanding Scope of Work; No Damages for Delay; Accepting Final Payment; Non-Compete Agreements (even with your existing customers); Personal Liability for Corporate Default; and Schedule / Sequencing.

Going, Going, Gone… Cutting Edge Techniques for Marketing Commercial Real Estate in Today’s Market
Watch this roundtable discussion of emerging alternatives to marketing commercial real estate in today’s market. Hear what Ron Friedberg and Robert Fuerst of Meyers Roman and Mark Abood of Hanna Commercial Real Estate have to say about disposition options to property foreclosures which are typically costly and cumbersome. These options include receiverships–where recent changes in Ohio law have made it easier and quicker for a court-appointed receiver to dispose of commercial real estate property–as well as auctions, note sales and other accelerated alternatives.

Is The Government Out to Get You? Essential Human Relations Policies for Compliance
Recent aggressive initiatives by the EEOC, the DOL, the NLRB, and OSHA and their impact on your business are creating concern and uncertainty in the workplace. Credit/criminal background checks, LGBT discrimination, OSHA investigations, employee misclassification, and social media handbook policies will all be discussed in these videos, focusing on this most timely topic.

Don’t Let A Cyber Attack Paralyze Your Business
In this seminar, we discuss practical legal and technical measures you can put in place immediately to safeguard your business’ most important asset – information.

Look Before You Leap: Critical Factors to Consider Before You Structure a Business Succession Plan
This seminar particularly addresses the business owner, family members and advisors, and presents strategies for preparing a business for sale to a third party, structuring the sale of a business to family members or key employees, or passing the business on to heirs by gifting or selling.

Surviving Divorce: A Pathway to Health and Well-being
We’ll discuss the physical, emotional, and legal issues of divorce and how to support a friend or loved one who is facing this significant transition in life.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA): Can You Afford Costly Mistakes? Strategies, Tactics and Requirements For The ACA.
Learn specific strategies for navigating the uncharted waters of the new Obamacare mandates and the possible impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on your business.

Year-end Legal Audit For Your Business
Find out what you absolutely must know to successfully close out your 2013 legal affairs and get a head start on 2014.

Mock Workers’ Compensation Hearing
In this mock industrial commission hearing a nursing home housekeeping aid is claiming she was injured from tripping on a call chord.

Purchase Order Pitfalls and Protections
Do you or your clients buy or sell materials or equipment? Ohio has a surprising set of statutes that deal specifically with these contracts.

General Contractor Showcase

Negotiating A Fair Subcontractor Agreement
Negotiating Subcontractor Agreements can be tricky. You can get the simple construction contract you hoped for, if you start with a good bid. Learn how to pick the right legal forms for your bid.