Seth Briskin Weighs in on Implications of New Health Care Mandates in January 29th Crain’s Cleveland Business

The feature article in the January 29th Crain’s — “Employers look to escape health care mandate” — quotes Seth Briskin on the concerns of employers looking to enforce the new regulations. “They’re worried that they can’t afford it, and they’re angry that they’re having this forced upon them,” says Briskin. He acknowledges receiving a lot of calls from clients who want to find ways to avoid the new mandates.

According to Briskin, some employers will restructure their work force which will have unfortunate consequences “because it prohibits growth and it limits employment.”

Ultimately, it is unskilled workers who may lose the most. “With the cost of employing full-time, unskilled workers guaranteed to rise because employers will need to offer coverage to pay them or pay the penalty, employers are likely to reassess the profitability of employing such workers full-time.”