Local Cyber Attacks – Are You a Victim?

We have become aware of multiple cyber-attacks that have targeted Northeast Ohio businesses over the past two weeks.  Several of these attacks have been ransomware attacks whereby computer systems have been locked and held for substantial payment, usually in Bitcoin. Other cyber-attacks have occurred in which viruses and other malware have caused loss of data or resulted in computer systems having to be scrubbed and re-installed. These businesses are analyzing what data, if any, has been compromised and the economic cost. It is worth noting that if there is a data breach, a business may be required to send notices and take action.

We recommend that you contact your IT professional, confirm that your firewalls are up to date, all recent patches have been installed, and determine if your system has been breached. Additionally, cyber insurance policies should be reviewed to determine if the coverage is sufficient.

If you believe your servers, computers, or data have been compromised, please contact David Croft, Peter Brosse, Jon Hyman, or your Meyers Roman attorney for next steps.

David Croft- dcroft@meyersroman.com

Peter Brosse- pbrosse@meyersroman.com

Jon Hyman- jhyman@meyersroman.com