Have You Planned for the Inevitable? No, not Death – Data Breach

Every business is a potential victim of ransomware, malware or other data breach. We’ve all heard the phrase, “it’s not a question of if, but when.” The cost of a breach isn’t measured in money alone (which averages hundreds of thousands of dollars), but, just as critical, the impact on your business’ reputation (or goodwill), the loss of which can be priceless. Even though “cyber-insurance” may cover some of the costs associated with a breach, it is not a complete solution.

The area of cybersecurity law is rapidly developing. One of the most recent legal developments is the Ohio Data Protection Act (“ODPA”), which is applicable to Ohio businesses. If an Ohio business complies with the ODPA, the law provides an affirmative defense to certain claims that can arise from a data breach.

To help businesses cope with the cyber risk, Meyers Roman has developed a cybersecurity program for businesses. This program includes a proprietary Cybersecurity Plan offered at flat fee rates. Since one size does not fit all, our Cybersecurity Plan is offered at three different levels (Gold, Silver and Platinum).

The Meyers Roman Cybersecurity Plan does not include technical security services, which are required in almost every cybersecurity framework.  However, as part of the cybersecurity program we offer, we assist our clients in working with technical security experts (which may include the business’ IT professionals) to diagnose and create a technology plan to resolve any cybersecurity technology issues.

If you are interested in learning more, contact David Croft (dcroft@meyersroman.com), Peter Brosse (pbrosse@meyersroman.com), or your Meyers Roman attorney to schedule an initial complimentary meeting.