Internet Defamation Group

Meyers Roman provides clients with a full range of services to help businesses and individuals control their online image, reputation and identity, and stop anonymous cyber attacks.

Our Internet defamation practice group has worked on hundreds of Internet defamation-related cases from across the country and around the world. We develop unique cost effective solutions for clients who are being damaged and attacked online.

Our Experience Includes:
• Obtaining court orders resulting in the removal of false and defamatory content from various websites and blogs,and search engine results, including websites like Complaints Board, Pissed Consumer, and other complaint websites

• Obtaining court orders resulting in the removal of false and defamatory content from appearing in Google and Bing’s search indices, including the removal of high-ranking consumer complaint websites like

• Successfully investigating and obtaining the identities of anonymous people posting information on websites such as Google+, DatingPsychos,, Reportmyex, CheaterReport, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Pissed Consumer, and anonymous internet message boards like 4chan and 8chan.

• Stopping online campaigns of harassment, defamation, intentional infliction of emotion distress, and related privacy violations.

• Discovering  the identity of anonymous defamers by obtaining court orders to authorize discovery from Internet service providers like AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Verizon, Centurylink, and others.

• Obtaining court orders mandating forensic examinations of computers and other digital devices and evidence.

• Winning temporary, preliminary, and permanent injunctions to remove and stop continued dissemination of defamatory online content.

For more information on internet Defamation, contact Jeff Vaisa or Steve Baden. To arrange an initial consultation with one of our Internet defamation attorneys, please contact our firm today at (216) 831-0042.